Artistic Yoga International
Division of International Integral Yoga Society ASA
Creator and founder Yogacharya Fernando Estévez Griego
(Swami Maitreyananda) in 1971

                 Fernando Estevez Griego  - Swami Maitreyananda

Swami Maitreyananda
in an internationally recognized Yoga Master who has conducted numerous yoga teachers training course former president of International Yoga Federation and president of International Integral Yoga Society - AUROBINDO SIVANANDA ASHRAM ®.

Swami Maitreyananda is the founder and creator of "Artistic Yoga ®"in 1970. Guruji Adapting ancient yoga techniques to suit contemporary lifestyle requirements, it an experimental yet extremely powerful system of Yoga that works on all aspects of fitness - strength, flexibility, stamina, balance and agility. Artistic Yoga ® is taught in the world in Argentina, Brazil, Bulgary, Chile, Colombia, Equator, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Panama, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, U.S.A. and Uruguay

Gurji founded in 1985 the International School of Artistic Yoga ® in Uruguay.

                  Fernando Estevez Griego  - Swami Maitreyananda

Since 1985 were 17 world championships of artistic yoga ® and 74 festivals around the world